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Are you looking for a great job in HMB? Do you love making food? 

We're looking for a reliable chef that can help grow our unique bakery where the only problem we have is keeping up with demand. 

Sage Bakehouse is a specialty bakery making Australian style savory pies. Think Marie Callender's chicken pot pies but we have over 20 different flavors and are way more delicious. We started in 2015 and still growing strong! 

We're looking to add one or two positions to help us get to the next level. Ideally you will be able to help with every aspect of operations; a chef to cook fillings, a baker to make the pies, sales associate to help at famers markets (our main revenue source). Additionally duties include delivering, packaging, dishes, cleaning etc. so we have plenty of hours to offer. We cross train everyone on the team so finding coverage is easier. 

Our production kitchen is in Princeton Harbor near Pillar Point. However we travel up to the city every Sunday for the Clement Street Farmers Market and the Stonestown Farmers Market. Bonus points to anyone willing to work Sundays and double bonus points to candidates with experience driving delivery vans and/or towing trailers.

Pay will dependent on experience but experience is not necessary. We are willing to train the right person if they are dependable, capable and a good fit. We're in it for the long haul so we'd prefer that you are too. Looking for part-time and full-time positions.

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