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Does your business, school or club need easy to prepare food?

Serving pies has several benefits:

  1.   Keep paying customers longer.

  2.   Bring new, repeating business (our established brand brings new customers who return and buy again).  

  3.   Increase average customer spend; customers ordering pies order another drink rather than wander off looking for a slice, never to return. Pie and a Pint anyone?


Our pies are the easiest way to prepare, practical, tasty, protein-packed savory pies (beef, chicken, pork, vegan) – that will keep your customers coming back!

Ask us for testimonials!

We take the mess and hassle out of fast, easy-prep bar food - providing a truly outstanding product for your establishment.


Don't have a kitchen?

No problem. All you need is a toaster oven. Seriously. We can provide you equipment (ovens/ freezers/ display warmers) for you to trial the pies with your regulars – so there's no up-front risk for you.


You do have a kitchen?

Put a side salad, fries, mash or vegetables next to the pie to offer a complete meal and mark up accordingly!

Or – consider offering our Pies after the kitchen is closed – your bartender can reheat the pies in the blink of an eye and keep that hungry customer from looking elsewhere.


But don’t take our word for it send us an email and we'll send some to you


We work with:

Traditional Pubs (eg. Irish or British)

American-style bars



 Tap-rooms and bottle shops

Music venues, Music festivals, Sports events


For more information about our wholesale operation, pricing, delivery, suggested pie handling - email us at

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